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Norman/Jean Fuhrer <nfuhrer@...>

Dear Listers,

Can anyone lead us to a website that may have a standard form for
Letters of Authorization written in the Slovak Language.

The clerk in the Nacina Ves Town Hall will not allow anyone to search
the records unless they have a written request for a specific record, signed
by a member of the family, similar to the following:

Honorable Clerk of Vital Records
Nacina Ves Town Hall
Nacina Ves, Slovakia

I, hereby, authorize__________________ to search the birth records,
in the Nacina Ves Town Hall, on my behalf, for the following relative:

Nathan (Nachume) FUHRER, born on February 4, 1898 in what was then,
Natafalva, Hungary.

Parents -- Ignacz (Yitzchak) FUHRER -- Father
Antonina (Toni/Fani) GOLDBLATT FUHRER -- Mother

Nathan Fuhrer was my uncle. He died in 1943.

Respectfully yours,

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Norm and Jean Fuhrer
On Florida's Spacecoast - USA

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