Hungary SIG #Hungary 1828 Land Census Now On-Line! #hungary

Vivian Kahn

Dear Friends,

I am thrilled to report that we have launched the Hungary section of
the JewishGen databases page with the 1828 Hungarian Property Tax
Census database. Check out this new resource at This is
only the first database that we plan to make available to those
researching Jewish roots in old Hungary.

We are indebted to Eric Bloch, the 1828 Census project coordinator,
and the volunteers who transcribed the more than 8,000 records that
are now available on-line. None if this would be possible, however,
if it were not for Warren Blatt, Michael Tobias, and all of those
JewishGen volunteers and supporters who keep our marvelous website

There are two things that you can do to support this important
project and to ensure that JewishGen and H-SIG can continue to
support your research efforts.

First of all, although the database already contains 8,000
names,there are thousands more records to transcribe. Eric hopes to
complete this landmark project over the next 12 months but needs
additional volunteers to transcribe names >from LDS microfilm. If you
have access to a Family History Library and would like to help,
please contact Eric at: <>. You don't need to know
Hungarian in order to transcribe these records. Check out the list
of counties at to see
where volunteers are needed and contact Eric to sign up.

The second thing you can do to ensure that the 1828 Tax Census and
other resources will continue to be available to H-SIG subscribers is
to make a financial contribution to JewishGen to support the
maintenance of the website. It costs JewishGen 10 cents/record to
put new data on-line and close to 1 cent per record for annual
maintenance--almost $900 to upload and maintain 8,000 1828 Census
records! These numbers are a drop in the bucket relative to the major
shortfall needed to keep JewishGen databases on-line.

Thanks to the H-SIG members who attended the Toronto conference, we
were able to contribue more than $2200 to help keep JewishGen
operating. Now that the Hungarian section of the JewishGen database
page is on-line it is more important than ever to make a contribution
to JewishGen. H-SIG has more than 650 subscribers but fewer than 30
% have ever made a financial contribution to JewishGen. Moreover,
even with our impressive showing at the Toronto conference, JewishGen
records show that less than 20% of H-SIG's subscribers have made a
donation this year.

Please help to keep JewishGen on line so that H-SIG volunteers can
continue to provide important resources like the 1828 Property Tax
Census. If you are not able to make a financial donation, make a
contribution by volunteering to work on the 1828 database or the
All-Hungary database.

We need your help!

Koszonom szepen, todah rabah, and thanks very much for your continuing support,

Vivian Kahn, H-SIG Coordinator

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