Hungary SIG #Hungary Re: h-sig digest: October 02, 2002/virus #hungary


In a message dated 10/2/02 11:42:40 PM, writes:

<< One of the messages in question has a subject line that reads:

Subject: Fwd: [h-sig] Berkovitz Re: Hidden info on documents, Part II

I received following:

"JAuspitz@mofo.c Out of Office AutoReply: [h-sig] Oradea Yizkor Book
There was no attachment.

Moderator VK: Please carefully read my messages about the Bugbear computer worm. The message in question was generated by this new computer affliction. Protect your system by using a virus check and DO NOT OPEN ATTACHMENTS >from SUSPICIOUS SOURCES. You can tell that this one is suspicious because H-SIG and JewishGen never send messages with attachments.

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