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I was incensed by Bernard Weill's comments. The Moderator was
understated and restrained in his/her rebuke.
I would have characterised the comments as plain ignorant.
He may have found Gabi's kind offer "a waste of time" but many
others certainly would not.

My parents and many of their friends are all Holocaust survivors
(>from Kosice, Zilina, Nove Zamky and Topolcany) and are healthy
and well 70-something year olds.

I was born (1958) after the Holocaust and can speak enough Slovak,
German and French to find books such as the one Gabi recommends
extremely useful.

Perhaps Bernard could better spend his time learning a language,
or at least enough of one to assist his genealogical research.

I have not contributed to the H-SIG discussions for some time
but I do appreciate the contributions made by others and try
to learn >from them.

Gary Binetter

From: Bernard Weill <>
Moderator VK: I'm allowing the following message to go through because I don't like to stifle the free exchange of opinions. Nevertheless, in my opinion Bernard's remark is ungracious, inappropriate, and fails to recognize that there is a still a Kosice Jewish community, albeit a small one. Moreover, he insults the authors of the work about the Jewish community of Kosice. I do not read Slovak but I did purchase a copy of Slovnik zidovskych osobnosti >from Gabi Svatos, who has done us a tremendous service by letting us know that these books are available and by offering her services to translate entries.

It is clear that one of the reasons for publishing a book about the Kosice Jewish community in Slovak is so that those who speak no other language gain a better understanding of the contributions made by this community that was all but destroyed during the shoah. The English language introduction states: "We all have understood that in spite of the fact that the Jewish community affected the life in Kosice very intensively, the current informaation of the majority society about this community and its famous persons is very limited. We believe that this publication will partly fill the empty space...." H-SIG member Tom Venetianer, who helped provide information for this work, might have additional thoughts.

Finally, I should note that I was particulary thrilled to learn about this work because it includes more than a page of information (with a picture) regarding Ludovit (Lajos) Simko, who was married to my father's first cousin Iren Moskovits. They both perished at Auschwitz but my second cousin Stefan Simko still lives in Kosice. Based on Gabi's translation I now know more about the work that Dr. Simko did as one of Slovakia's leading ear-nose-throat specialists. In Feb. 2001 a memorial plaque was installed in the Kosice hospital where he once worked.

As I have often stated in the past, to publish such
books in Slovak is a waste of time. Unfortunately, few
of those >from the period of the Holocaust that spoke
SLovak still survive today and if these books are
intended for genealogical purposes, then it is
intended for my generation, born after the Holocaust,
who have no knowledge whatsoever of this language.

Bernard Weill
--- Gabriela Svatos <> wrote:
Recently I have located an importer/exporter who
will be able to mail me
multiple copies of the following books from
Slovakia. If anyone is
interested in purchasing these hard to find
genealogical titles, please
e-mail me off-list for details:

Majtan, Milan. Nazvy Obci Slovenskej Republiky.
Bratislava: Slovenska
Akademie Vied, 1998. 8vo - over 7<=" - 9<=" tall. Soft
Cover. New This is a
gazetteer of Slovak towns and villages with German,
Hungarian and Slovak
translations of the locality names.

The above book is a wonderful source of detailed
information. It even lists
the years the locality names changed, nearest large
town, county
names.***The mormons have an edition of this one on

Kolisovo, Stefan/ Amrichova, Jana/ Chmelarova,
Alzbeta/ Kolivoskova, Elena /
Mitrova, Olga. Slovnik Zidovskych Osobnosti Kosic a
Okolia. Kosice,
Slovakia: 2001. 8vo - over 7<=" - 9<=" tall. Hard
Cover. New This is a Who's
Who of the Jewish community of Kosice (and
surrounding localities). The text
is in Slovak.

This is the latest of several books written about
the notable jews of
Kosice. Usually birth names/dates/places are noted.
Sometimes parents
names, occupations, as well as bios about a
paragraph in length. For those
who were at the conference, this is the same book I
brought for lookups.


Gabriela Svatos
Richmond Hill, Ontario
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