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Robert Friedman <vze2sv8z@...>

According to the publisher, this book contains "many photos and
figures of the Jewish population in the towns and villages of the area
where there was a Jewish community" and "includes a history of the
Jews of Bacs-Kiskun, about the synagogues, cemeteries, communities,
symbols and in detail about the Jewish community of each of the towns
in the region, such as Apostag, B=E1csalm=E1s, Baja, Dusnok, =
Kecskem=E9t, Kiskunhalas, Soltvadkert. On 80 pages it includes a list
of victims of the Holocaust >from this part of Hungary, listed by
communities." Further information may be found at

Although this is an auction web site, the Yizkor book is available
directly, without bidding. A number of other books are offered which
might be of interest. Note: prices are quoted in Hungarian Forints.

Bob Friedman, NYC

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