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tom klein <h-sig@...>

i believe the international red cross (the source of the data that was transferred to yad vashem) added a card for each survivor that they had record of, and added an additional card for each inquiry about a person. in some cases these inquiries can also be useful for tracing family, since they list the name and address of someone who tried to find the person after the war. (for more information see <>.)

it seems a little peculiar to be listing a camp survivor in 1951, six years after the end of the war, so perhaps the card was created by a request by her or about her.

....... tom klein, toronto

"Gary Gershfield" <> wrote:

I received a photocopy of my great-grandmother's International
Tracing Card-ITT >from Yad Vashem,who informed me that they did not
have this particular file # in their library.
My great-grandmother emigrated to New York after the
war.The card was dated 1951 with all of her particulars such as date
and place of birth,next of kin,etc.
By having this card appear,does this mean she was in
a concentration camp?
I already wrote to the Red Cross.
Any other suggestions to this mystery? Sincerely,
Gary Gershfield Forest Hills,NY Resaerching SZIRMAY

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