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GilaMiriam Chait <gilamiriamchait@...>

Better late than never, I have just had a quick look
through the list of occupations and can make one or
two suggestions.

azabasz must be szabasz, meaning tailor
szabo also means tailor
baromfi ternyeszto means poultry producer
favarozo must be fuvarozo=haulier
gombhuzo gomb means button, huzo
someone who pulls
gyerm abbreviation of gyermek
meaning child/minor
gyermak must be gyermek (see above)
igazgatotanito headteacher
hitokt abbreviation of hitoktato
=teacher of religion
maganzo self-employed (I think)

--- tom klein <> wrote: > i
was just looking through the holocaust databases
on jewishgen, and i happened upon the "hungarian
occupations" page at

almost immediately, i noticed some of the "unable to
decipher" entries, such as "agyet.hallg", which
could be translated properly with relative ease.
("egyetemi halgato", for instance, is not much of a

this brings up 2 questions:

1) would some of our hungarian-speaking members care
to take a few minutes to scan these pages and
suggest some corrections?

2) how do we submit these corrections?

....... tom klein, toronto

Moderator: Please contact me if you're interested
in contributing to these databases.

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