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Michael Gordy

The main possibility in the Czech Republic is Boskowitz (now Boskovice) in Moravia.
The Jewish community there was rather large in the early 1800s.

-- Michael Gordy
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Researching: SCHOENBRUN, KESZLER (Zemplen megye); FRIEDMAN (Tisza Ujlak)

At 12:00 AM 2/20/03 -0600, you wrote:
I found an interesting entry in Peter Hidas'"Jewish Who's Who in (Buda)Pest. There is a Wolf ENGEL, peddler, born in Boscovitz, in Pest since 1821. Where is Boscovitz? I see some possibilities in the Czech Republic, but any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.


Moderator VK: Check out Nagy Bochksa, which is now divided between Romania and the Ukraine. Leslie Gyi has more info at
Other possibilities are Bokske in Tolna megye and Bocska in Zala megye.

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