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George Isaacs <flogeo@...>

I am resending this message as I don't hnow if my confuser did the job.

When My wife and I were in Kralovsky Chlmec in 1996 We met with a M. Janos
Bogoly curator of the Vlastivedne (Sonismereti) Museum. He told us , through
our interperter of course, that the synagogue was cleaned out with the idea
that it would become a Jewish museum. Prior to that it was used as a place
to store furniture. Willie Schon was sort of the custodian if the

Have any of you H-SIGersbeen back there since that time and has there been
any progress in the museum? Also are Willie and Erna Schone still living? I
am curious to know.

Researching: Amstadter, Czigler, and Isakovitz/ Isakovics.

George K. Isaacs

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