Hungary SIG #Hungary Re:re; Natfalva/Nasina Ves gravestones #hungary

Tsvi Sinai <t_sinai1@...>

JOWBR has a translation sewvice and if you dend 31 gravestones to Joyce
Field at Jew.Gen
< jfield@... > they will translate the whole lot.

Tsvi Sinai, Givatayim, Israel

Moderator VK: JOWBR has identified volunteers who translate headstone inscriptions as part of a database creation project. I believe that Tsvi's description of this function as a "translation service" is incorrect. The best way to obtain assistance with translations is to scan the photos and send them to Viewmate. If this is not possible, contact your local Jewish genealogy society or go to the closest shul to find someone who can read Hebrew. If JOWBR volunteers are willing to help, a donation to JewishGen in recognition of this assistance would be appropriate.

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