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Stephen Casey <caseydanhan@...>

It is not hyphenated, only a mis-typed Hungarian spelling. In Hungarian the
first 2 letters of the alphabet are "a" "á", meaning a longer sounding "a".
It is most definitely not an abbreviation.

Gács became Halic in 1918, when Northern Hungary became part of
Czechoslovakia, according to the Trianon Peace Treaty. It is the Slovak name
for Gács, now the "official" name. Mapquest shows Halic in today's Slovakia.


From: "B Frederics" <>
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Subject: [h-sig] Halic, Slovakia (Ga'cs, HU)
Date: Sun, 21 Sep 2003 16:38:33 -0700

Does someone know why the town name "Ga'cs" would be hypenated? Does it
that it's abbreviated for a longer name?

Also, would someone kindly tell me when Ga'cs, Hungary became Halic,


Bonnie Frederics
Tucson, AZ

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LOWY (Ga'cs, Hungary or Halic, SL)

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