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Dear Kitty,
A good refernce source for the holocaust victims by communities
is the "Yizkor Book Database" of the JewishGen.
There one can find a memorial book book about the Jews of Papa edited by
Yehuda Gyula Lang, (written in Hungarian):
"A papai zsidosag emlekkonyve," Tel Aviv, 1974.
An English version or excert of the book can be found in the homepage:

Shana tova from
Miryam Gordon
Rehovot, Israel

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: Myriam,
: Would you possibly be able to tell me if there exists an Auschwitz Holocaust
: Victims
: List >from "Papa" similar to the one >from Gyor? Where, or to whom should I
: write
: or e-mail inorder to obtain this information?
: Thank you for your reply.
: Sincerely,
: Kitty Friedbauer Sauber
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