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Gábor Hirsch <hirsch@...>

We are discussing about diacritical marks what I believe are the
(Hungarian) accents. Peter Hidas demonstrated us,
in his contribution that they are possible to generate even with I
believe US characterset and the most important - in my eyes at least -
to transmit it through Jewishgen, which accepts only plain ASCII
characters. It woulde be interesting - even if not strictly a
genealigical problem - how can we making use of this feature. It would
improve sometimes the understanding, commenting and guessing correctly
written names and places.

Best regards
Gabor Hirsch

Peter I. Hidas schrieb:

on 9/17/03 8:44 PM, Jerry Zeisler at wrote

Gács was a small village outside the town of Losonc (today Lucenec), Nograd County, northeast of Budapest.

Dr. P.I.Hidas

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