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Marian Brown

Dear Ilona,
I saw the surname KELLER on this e-mail and I though I'd see if you
happen to have any knowledge of a Henry Keller Glueck who emigrated
about 1876 and settled in Cleveland, OH. He is a bit of a mystery in my
tree and we don't know his mother's origins but it was in the vicinity
of Presov which is where all the Glueck's came from. His father was
Eleazer Glueck. I have done much research in Slovakia and the name
KELLER is very rare.

Marian Brown
Cincinnati, OH

ilona lerman wrote:

Thanks to Robert Neu I now have lots of info about my
grandfather's family >from Vasvar Hungary. I have lots
of "family mysteries" to solve but this info is a
great jumping off point.
One of the people I was looking for was a great uncle
by the name of Lipot Gottlieb, but found no one by
this name. Does anyone know if Lipot might be a
nickname or have another parallel name?
I also now know my ggrandmother was a Rechnitzer. Does
anyone know anything about this family?
Ilona Lerman
KELLER- presov, zmigrod
GOTTLIEB- vasvar
NEUMAN- potok,slovakia

Moderator VK: Lipot is not a nickname but the Hungarian version of the masculine name Leopold. Nicknames are Lipi and Lipotka.

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