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Dear all,

1.On our visit to Hungary on September 2003, we found a Jewish cemetery in
Tolmacs, a village in Nograd County, near Retsag. There are few tomb stones
left of the families: Adler, Blau and Wiesz. We took general view pictures.

2. We visited also the cemetery in Vysoka nad Kysucou in the former Trencsin
County, slovakia. We found tombs, all of them Hochfelder. Three of them
Cohens/Kohns with the marks of the hands on them, and 6 of "Israel". The
inscriptions are beautiful, without misspelling, with rhymed text and three
tombs had acrostic with the name of the diseased. The name itself written in
Hebrew in the fashion of the Yiddish speakers, but the rest of the text was
in ordinary Hebrew.
There were no birth dates on the tombstones. Two tombstones featured the age
of the diseased. Likewise, the match between Hebrew and Gregorian years was
inconsistent. The earliest tomb we've found was >from 1882 and the latest
from 1919. We took pictures of all the tombs.
Yehuda (in German: Eduward), ben Hanoch Hochfelder
Ephraim (in German: Ferdinand) Hochfelder
Josefin daughter of Ya’acov Hochfelder and her sister Illegible
Samuel Hochfelder
Josef Hochfelder
Zartl, wife of Mendel Hochfelder
Illegible given name (Kohn) Hochfelder
Moshe Kohn Hochfelder
Shraga ben Betsalel Hochfelder HaKohn

Esther Levinson

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