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Marian Brown

I'll bet it's Koresmanos which means tavern or inn keeper which was the
occupation of many Jews in small towns.

Marian Brown

ilona lerman wrote:

There is a place name (or perhaps an occupation?) on
my grandfather's birth list- RORESMAROS or ROZESMAROS.
Is anyone familiar with this word or place in Hungary?
Perhaps it was part of a town. The list it was found
on is >from VASVAR Hungary in western HungaRY. The list
was handwritten so perhaps it is not spelled right.
Thanks in advance for any help.
Ilona Lerman

Moderator VK: It would be best if you scanned the document and sent it to Viewmate. While it is difficult to help without seeing the context in which the entry appears, take a close look to see if the first letter is a "k" rather than an "r" in which case the entry might be "korcsmaros". This means innkeeper.

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