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Sam Schleman <Samara99@...>

Dear Genners:

I am hoping someone more knowledgeable than I about Hungarian geography can
help me.

I am looking for the shtetl Nagy Ida. In the Shtetl Seeker on JewishGen, it
gives the current name of Velka Ida and the location as 188 miles East of
Bratislava and the coordinates as 48-36 and 21-10.

However, when I go to a current map (The one by Ravenstein), Velka Ida is
shown about 10 kms South of Kosice. When I go to a 1910 map at
for Abauj-Torna, Nagy Ida is as the Ravenstein map indicates.

Is there more than one Nagy Ida? Is Shtetl Seeker in error? Can anyone
clarify this for me?



Sam Schleman
Malvern, PA

Moderator VK: The two most likely places are:

Nagyida (now Velky Ida), southwest of Kosice, Slovakia
Kolozsnagyida (near Cluj, Romania)

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