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Hell H-SIGers,
One of my relatives, Sandor Katz born1897, is mentioned in Joszef Buscko
book "The Jews of Ujfeherto" as having a big farm in Patroha "Katz Sandor -
farmer in Patroha. B.Ujfeherto, 1897, old landowner family. Had 100 hold
farm since 1928, m. Gluck Helen, ch. Maria, Zsuzsanna." (translated from
Does anyone know where Patroha is?
Does anyone know why Buscko stated "old landowner family" in his book?
Better, though, does anyone know anything about this "old landowner" family?
Thank you,
Itzik Katz
*Katz-Ujfeherto, Mihalifalva (Transilvania, Romania)
*Goldstein-Ujfeherto (Hungary)
Fogel-Ujfeherto (Hungary)
Wizner-Ujfeherto and Buj (Hungary)
*Schwartz-Nyiracsad (Hungary)
Berger-any (Hungary)
*Kupferstein-Ujfeherto (Hungary)
Gyamant-Ujfhererto and Ujvaros (Hungary)
Kovacs-Nyiracsad (Hungary)
Galos-Nyiracsad and Nyiregyhaza (Hungary)
Klein-Ujfeherto (Hungary)
Grunfeld-Ujfeherto (Hungary)
Feldman-Mihalifalva (Transilvania, Romania) and Jerusalem (Israel)
Roth-Mihalyfalva (Transilvania, Romania) and Israel
Weiszhausz-Bogati (Hungary)

I already have information about the families marked with (*) and looking
for information about the others. I'd appreciate any contribution you could
make here

Moderator VK: Patroha is about 11 km southwest of Kisvarda.

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