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The answer probably lies in the war against the communist regime which was raised with the
leadership of Bela Kun, at the end of the WWI in 1919 and lasted for less, than a year. The
Hungarian "Kommun" was defeated by the forces of the neighboring countries, including Romania and
Miryam & David Gordon
Rehovot, Israel

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: The following came in >from a new-found Baum cousin in the US, writing
: about his father. The father was born 1898 in in Vidrany (near Medzilaborce) and
: went to the US in 1922, having always lived in the town of his birth.
: "He was conscripted into the Hungarian army during a border
: war with Czechosolvakia---served a short period of time and, shortly
: afterward, came to the United States..."
: Does anyone know what war he is talking about? In WWI, the Czechs and the
: Hungarians were on the same side. And in any case, no one ever called WWI "a
: border war." Did they fight after WWI? If so, why would someone >from near
: Medzilaborce been on the Hungarian side?
: Israel Pickholtz

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