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I just came back >from a short trip to the "Big Apple" and found all =
these messages on the H-Sig discussion group about my alleged talk on =
Hungarian Magnate records at the Washington conference. I think there =
is some misunderstanding here.=20
The title of my presentation at this conference was: The =
Austro-Hungarian Empire: Conventional and Unconventional Resources. The =
focus of the talk was, among other things, on Austro-Hungarian Military =
The year before, at the 2002 conference in Toronto, I gave a =
presentation with the title: Hungarian Jews: Where did they come from. =
The theme of this talk was a bit closer to Magnate records, but in fact =
I discussed then the various Jewish censuses that were conducted by the =
Hungarian administration during the 18th century. The material came >from =
official 18th century Hungarian governmental sources and not >from =
Magnate records. It was published in Magyar Zsido Leveltar, an 18 volume =
collection of documents and the FHL also has microfilmed originals of =
these censuses. Both talks were taped and I am quite sure the cassettes =
are available >from the Washington and Toronto societies.=20
Henry Wellisch

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