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I have now been doing research in Hungarian records for over 20 years =
and still find that by far the best sources are the FHL microfilms. I =
don't think that there actually exist separate Hungarian Magnate =
records. Perhaps the Esterhazy records are still in Eisenstadt; they =
would be of interest to people who are researching their ancestors >from =
the Burgenland. Other records >from noble Hungarian families have been =
transferred to the National Archives in Budapest, I think.=20
It seems to me a good way to do a systematic search is to go to the FHL =
website, click on the town you are interested in and look for records in =
the following categories:

Jewish records
Church records
Census records (including 18th century)
Feudal and tenancy census records
Civil registration
Military records
Historical geography
(There may be others)

You might also look under these general subjects:
Hungarian noble families
List of Hungarian families who received nobility
Register of officials and employees (1873-1945)
Who's Who Hungary (1930)

Henry Wellisch

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