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Warren Blatt <wblatt@...>

JewishGen is pleased to announce the addition of over 30,000 records
to the JewishGen "All Hungary Database", which is located at
< >.

There are three new and updated datasets, as follows:

1. Updates to the 1869 Census database, including all Jews listed
in Saros megye (Saros county) as well as Jews >from Vranov and Cigand
in Zemplen megye (Zemplen county). There are now a total of 13,472
records in the 1869 Census database. Thanks to Marelynn Zipser for
the Saros records and Alex Miller for the Zemplen records.

2. A new database containing transcriptions of tax lists and census
lists other than the main census databases of 1828, 1848 and 1869.
These records include records >from the Hungarian SIG's Trencin census
transcription project, as well as records moved >from the Hungarian
SIG's website into the All Hungary Database. There are a total of
8,840 records in this database, ranging >from 1795 to 1850. All
records include surnames. Thanks to Bob Hanscom and his team for the
Trencin records and to Jaki Erdoes, Dr. Menachem Keren, Dolph Klein,
Cherie Korer, and Alex Miller for donating their databases.

3. A new database containing 8,644 names of Hungarian Jewish
concentration camp survivors, which were published in 1945 in
the Hungarian periodical "Hirek az Elhurcoltakrol". Thanks to
Debbi Korman and her team of proofreaders for this project.

Additional details about each of these databases can be found
by reading their respective introductions, accessible via
< >.

The JewishGen "All Hungary Database" can be searched at
< >, and the
lists of Hungarian concentration camp survivors can also
be searched via the JewishGen Holocaust database at
< >.

Information about the Hungarian SIG's projects is found at
< >.
We thank all of the volunteers who contributed to these
additions to the JewishGen "All Hungary Database".


Warren Blatt
JewishGen Editor-in-Chief
Boston, MA

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