Hungary SIG #Hungary hebrew definition of "Pepi" and "Lena" #hungary

Joe Wein <joel5763@...>

I am finding a lot of times during research the
Hungarian girl's names "Pepi" and "Lena" I ones
thought it means "Tziporah" or Tzipi" but several
times I realized it couldn't be

does anyone knows exactly what the name would be in
it could also well be that it was used for several
Hebrew names
also the female name "Joni"
I'll appreciate any respond
thank you
Yoel Weinstock


Moderator VK: The Pepi in my family became Bessie in the US. Lina is short for Karolina (Caroline). Lena could be Lenke or Lenczi. Johanna is a Hungarian woman's name that might be Joan or Joni in English.

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