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Uri Jakubovic

Dear Genners,

There is a booklet about the Jews of Vranov nad Toplou. Hereby are its details:

"A Short History of the Jewish People of Vranov nad Toplou" by Ing. Igor Sol'anik, Vranov nad Toplou, 2002.
ISBN 80 - 968735-7-1. It has 48 pages in a small format. It is written in English, but a Slovakian version is available as well.
It contains the following issues:
1. In olden times 2.Jewish citizens (their occupations with names of the jewish doctors, pharmacists, lawyers, traders and businessmen and others) 3. Jewish houses 4. On the way to tragedy (including deportation) 5. The synagogue 6. The Jewish cemetery 7. Eilogue 8. Appendices: a. Deportation lists of Jews >from Vranov on 18 May 1942 (including 1060 full names with birth dates and birth places) b. Transport list >from Vranov to Poprad (including 140 full names with birth dates and birth places) c. Two letters issuing the deportation of Jews d. Deportation receipt e. A letter declaring the Jewish cemetery to be a cultural memorial site f. Bibliography

The price is 25 USD!!! (yes! - very expensive)

For ordering this booklet you have to write to:
Ing. Igor Sol'anik
09301 Vranov nad Toplou

Moderator VK: Mail address has been suppressed per JewishGen policy. Please contact Uri off-list if you want further information.
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