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I believe "communist disciplinary unit" mean a disciplinary unit for
communist and others not trustfully persons for military service or as
fighting unit, it might be a"kommunista bunteto szazad or a zsido
bunteto szazad, a unit to discipline or punish communists, Jews etc. It
is always a problem to make a translation not word by word.
A nice story is >from 56 after the Hungarian uprising. The Hungarian was
helped by a Swiss aid to find a room. When the future landlady asked
"woher er gekommen ist" (where did he come from) answered our men "nicht
Kommunist Faschist" saying that he is not a communist but fascist.
Bunteto szazad, according my dictionary is company of refractory
soldiers, and buntetotabor = detention camp
Best regards
Gabor Hirsch schrieb:

In a message dated 1/11/04 6:28:39 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:
Dear H-Sigers:

Does anyone know anything about the 461/1 KLGS
communist disciplinary unit in Koszeg. In some
writings of my father he referred to this unit where
he was sent to >from a detention camp in Budapest in
December of 1942.

Rita Mandl
Bethel, CT

Moderator VK: Koszeg is very close to the Austrian border about 24 km north
of Szombathely.

"communist disciplinary unit " ???!!! in the Hungary of 1942? Not likely to
be a communist run unit, since communism was outside of the law in Hungary in
1942. Or was it a unit where they held sympathizers or members of communist
organizations or groups as enemies of the state of Hungary? Your question is
not clear, and maybe your date is wrong?

Leslie Eloed
California, USA

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