Hungary SIG #Hungary Miskolc, Fourth Grade Elementary School Photograph #hungary

John J Kovacs <j.kovacs@...>

Hello All,
Have a photograph of the Miskolc Fourth Grade Jewish
Elementary School Class of April 1942 with a complete
list of names. If anyone may have had a male relative
who could have attended the Erzsebet Izraelita Elemi
Iskola and may have been born in the time period of
1931-33 please let me know their name and I'll advise
you if the person is on the picture and if he is on
there I'll send you a copy of the photograph of the
entire class via the internet. Please note that most
of these kids as far as I know perished in the
John Kovacs
Bloomfield, MI
Note to H-Sig: If OK with H-SIG I am prepared to list
the names on Jewish Gen.

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