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Alex W. Magocsi Jr. <alexander.magocsi@...>

I have been lurking here for a short period and now it is time to
introduce myself, or really, my interests.
I have been conducting family history research for approx. 5 years.

My paternal Grandparents, who met and married in the US, were both from
Hungary. My Grandmother, Hani Grosz was born in Nyirbator, my
Grandfather, Stephen (Isvan) Magocsi, was born in Gyulaj-Jovancza.

Last year I visited Gyulaj-Jovancza and was able to examine the church
registration books (Roman Catholic) wherein my Grandfather's birth, and
his parent's births, were recorded. This was quite an accomplishment
since I do not speak Hungarian.

This year I visited Nyirbator with no particular goal other than to get
a feel of the area, to make contact with someone in a local Synagogue
and to perhaps locate a Jewish Cemetery in Nyirbator. Hani Grosz was a
Jew who left Hungary in the early 1900s. Naively I thought I might be
able to discover the burial sites(s) of her parents, Samuel Grosz and
Karolina Grosz, ne Greif.

Locating the cemetery was actually quite easy and once we found the
keeper of the key, my wife and I were able to enter it. It is in
reasonably good shape, however there are stones that need some
rehabilitation and there are some, perhaps many, that are completely
(Upon my return to the US, I have learned that this cemetery is on the
2004 project list of the Heritage Foundation for Preservation of Jewish
Cemeteries. Perhaps they have already begun their work).

Since I do not speak or read Hebrew and 99% of the stones are inscribed
in that language, there was no point in trying to locate specific burial

I also visited the office of the Synagogue in Nyiregyhaza to see if they
had any records that could be of interests. They do not but recommended
that I contact the archives of the county located in Nyiregyhaza.
I put that off for another trip.

I of course told the people at the office that I had visited the
cemetery in Nyirbator and I asked them if they knew of any effort to
restore and preserve local Jewish cemeteries. The young man answered
that he knew of none and this concerns me. I would think, if a cemetery
is listed for rehabilitation, that the local Synagogue would have been
informed. This does not appear to be the case. Comments welcome.


Alex Magocsi
York, Maine

Magocsi Gyulaj-Jovancza, Tolna County
Grosz Nyirbator, Nyirgyulaj, Szabolcs-Szatmar-Bereg County
Greif Tulcik, Slovakia; New York City

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