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Giselle Bodziony

Dear Genners,

Is anyone of you contemporary witness and survivor of the massacres executed
by the Hungarian nyilas troops in Budapest by the time of January 15 1945,
or could someone tell me where I can do some research on what happened on
that day?

I would like to write the same text in Hungarian too, because some Hungarian
readers in this mailinglist might have limited knowledge of English:

Van Önök között olyan tanuja es tulelöje a Budapesten 1945 januar 15.-en a
nyilasok altal törtent öldöklesnek? Vagy megmondhatna valaki hol kutathatnek
az ezen a napon törtentek utan?

Thank you very much,

Giselle Bodziony

Moderator: Please tell us where you are located. It will help to identify resources that could help with your research.

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