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Hello Jeff,

The answer for the places you are searching was already given by the moderator. As for the family names you are looking for, they certainly were written in Hungarian the same way you spelled them. Maybe "Riederman" would be spelled "Riderman". "Ornstein" is probably correct but keep in mind that the English 's' in Hungarian is spelled 'sz' and only the English 'sh' is spelled as 's'. But that means that "Ornstein" was the Hungarian correct spelling.

The problem is that after about 1870, in an attempt to assimilate, many (and I stress the word *many*) Jewish Hungarian families *Hungarized* their names. And the changes were *really drastic*. An example: a family previously called "Hellschein" became "Takacs" (== forger). Or a "Kohn" could become "Kovacsos" and so on. Thus it could well be that you won't find your folks unless you discover such family name changes.

Good luck

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Subject: Newbie for Hungary
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I am at the start of my Hungary research and would like some advice. I am
researching the

RIEDERMAN family of Turia Remete (near Perecin and Uzhorod) and the

ORNSTEIN/ORENSTEIN family of Komoroew (near Szerednye).

Both villages were Hungarian at the beginning of the 20th century and these
families spoke Magyar and listed themselves as Hungarian. Does JewishGen
have useful databases for these shtetlach? Anything useful I should look for
at the Mormons? I unfortunately cannot read Hungarian and one of my early
tasks would obviously need to be to find out what "Riederman" and "Ornstein"
look like when written in Hungarian registers.

Any and all advice greatly appreciated especially where the archives for
these 2 towns would be located.

Thank you.

Jeff Malka
Tom Venetianer <mailto:tom.vene@...>
Sao Paulo - Brazil

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