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I was in Budapest during the period referred to in the h-sig note. I lived=
in a Swedish-protected building, close enough to the Danube River to see=20
the bloody ice-floes on the river and even the nyilas (Hungarian Nazi)=20
thugs driving groups of people down to the river bank. I cannot identify=
any individuals since I was careful not to be found too close to any of=20
these activities. I did go into the city center during late December=20
1944, looking for members of my family who lived on Terez Korut and during=
this escapade I was almost arrested by a gendarme. While the gendarme and=
I were talking in the middle of Terez Korut I glanced at the open gate of a=
house behind which there were many people milling around. They looked like=
people who have been arrested, under guard. The gendarme let me go and I=20
got away. Moments later I found out that the family members I was looking=
for had been taken away in a truck several nights before, and I never found=
them again. I got back to my building and soon after this, probably in=20
the first week of January 1945, I escaped towards the Russian line, a few=20
blocks away, and survived to tell this story. The Pest side of the city=20
was cleared of Germans by Jan. 8, l945. The fighting in Buda went on for=20
weeks. As far as I know, January 15 has no special significance, at least=
not to me.

At 02:00 PM 7/18/2004, bodziony@... wrote:
Dear Genners,

Is anyone of you contemporary witness and survivor of the massacres=
by the Hungarian nyilas troops in Budapest by the time of January 15 1945,
or could someone tell me where I can do some research on what happened on
that day?

I would like to write the same text in Hungarian too, because some=
readers in this mailinglist might have limited knowledge of English:

Van =D6n=F6k k=F6z=F6tt olyan tanuja es tulel=F6je a Budapesten 1945 januar=
15.-en a
nyilasok altal t=F6rtent =F6ld=F6klesnek? Vagy megmondhatna valaki hol=
az ezen a napon t=F6rtentek utan?

Thank you very much,

Giselle Bodziony

Moderator: Please tell us where you are located. It will help to=20
identify resources that could help with your research.

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