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Gábor Hirsch <hirsch@...>

I joined the H_SIG several years ago. As I look back, I have the
feeling, that discussions were much more vivid, were not so strict and
"Prussian" as they are nowadays. A question could be discussed untill
the participants gave up or finished and was not ordered to finish.
Lately, I was asked to forward a contribution >from the commemoration
days of Hungary, because it was repeatadly refused(in an internet
cooffee in Hungary you get different keyboards and you can't configure
the computer to your taste). When I forwarded the text, it was refused,
because it is against the policy of H-SIG to forward messages. The text
was not offending, it was the impression of a visit on a commemoration.
I believe an impression on a tripp is more colorful and interesting as
few weeks later when the impressions are fadeing away. A few years ago
we had several members >from Hungary, >from the center of our interest, in
this days I can't recognize any, or are they just lurking? If they left
us, what was their reason, they were our best connections to the sources
of our interest!

My primary interest, was beside genealogy, the Holocaust and documents
and information of that period, sometimes I had difficaulties to post
messages regarding that period, because it didn't fit our profile. May
be we shouldn't follow to strictly the jewishgen rules and we might get
lively discussions. I believe the majority of us has a delete key and
make use of it if one or other contribution is no interest. May be we
could mark certain contributions a bit way of the strict genealigic path
with a keyword, they are not moderated but useing the H-SIG facilities
or at least not undergo the very strict rules. I hope I get some negativ
or positiv comments in this forum and not necessarily privatly.

Some time ago I decided to try another provider to avoid spam and an
easier one on a tripp. So I subscribed there too, I was informed that
each member does to have an ID and can only have one eMail address, I
wonder is this really necessary, we are interested in information, as
long as an information is correct, I do not care whether it is from
somebody with or without ID, I believe we make unnecessary restrictions.
We should be aware the fact that several of the contributors are not of
English mothertongue

Best regards
Gabor Hirsch

Vivian Kahn schrieb:

> Dear Friends,
> JewishGen records show that the Hungarian SIG now has 736
> subscribers! Theoretically, this makes us one JewishGen's larger
> SIGs. Unfortunately, the majority of you don't seem to be taking
> advantage of the resources offered by an on-line discussion group like
> H-SIG. Statistics show that most of you are what we refer to as
> "lurkers" <g!> who read postings but never, or, at least, hardly ever,
> post messages. If you're one of the folks who just reads and never
> posts messages you are passing up an opportunity to share your
> information and questions with the most dedicated Hungarian family
> researchers on the web!
> Because some of you may not know how to post messages, here's what to
> do. Make sure that your e-mail program is set to 'plain text' (no
> html, stationery, or attachments) and send an e-mail with your family
> info and questions to: Please make sure to
> include your full name and the city or town and country where you
> live. It's much easier for subscribers to provide info on resources
> if we know where you are.
> If you have any questions about how to get involved in the H-SIG
> discussion group or any of our projects, please contact me directly.
> Minden jot!
> Vivian Kahn, H-SIG Coordinator

Moderator: As mentioned above, H-SIG now has more than 700 subscribers. They presumably follow our list because it does such a good job providing info about Hungarian-Jewish family research. As a Jew of Hungarian descent I am interested in a wide variety of issues related to my family research. I also know that there are other lists that address many of these topics. As a moderator, I try to focus our attention on issues that are directly related to Hungarian-Jewish family research because I would like H-SIG to be the primary source for researchers around the world who share this interest. Sometimes it seems necessary to cut threads that become repetitive and suggest that subscribers continue their discussions off-list. As a JewishGen moderator I also have to comply with some basic requirements such as the rule about not posting third-part posts. Believe it or not, JewishGen is becoming a "deep pocket". When you become successful the possibility that some will try to take advantage of that success increases. that means we have to be more careful about protecting privacy, etc. etc. This may seem tedious or unnecessary to some of you but it really is important if JewishGen--and its Hungarian SIG--will be able to continue to grow and thrive. I recognize that discussions were looser in the past. They often strayed into areas that might be of interest to some members but were not integral to the purpose of our group. I hope that our efforts to keep to the subject on hand has contributed to our group's growth. I also trust that most of you understand that there are certain responsibilities that come with becoming a larger and more influential group. That's the burden that comes with success! As always, I appreciate your suggestions, as well as your continued support.

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