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Elizabeth can be derivation of ERZABET, also the last syllable can provide
Betreas (which in English is spelled as Beatrice).. it is difficult to
determine what triggers many
name changes. One of the plausible possibilities is an attempt at
americanizing, another
could have occurred at time of arrival processing where the clerk was stumped
"Erzebet or ERZABET: due to possible language differences and communication
the Port of entry Clerk who spoke only English, and Erzabet who spoke only
He may have dubbed her Betreas. Another possibility, could Betreas have
been her
middle name which she preferred to use. Someone may have said to her, "you
look more like a Betreas" and so liked this name...Could Betreas be a
different person >from Erzabet?
It is interesting to ponder what life forces impact on individuals that
decades later
confound descendants. Logic is often difficult to fathom in information that
is gotten in fragments and word of mouth.
Possibly, in your searches of documents you may one day come across
notations or
papers that will explain.
Good luck in your search,
Kitty Sauber

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