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Patricia J Weisshaus <patjw28@...>

Is there anyone on this list that has the name Kardos in their background?
I'm trying to connect Kardos and Weiszhauz in Hungary. Ernest Kardos came
to the United States in 1921 and was a waiter in New York City. Shortly
after my husband came >from Hungary in 1947 to New York, he was greeted by
three cousins of his father: Ernest Kardos, Stanley and Eugene Weisshaus.
Since they were cousins, and I know the grandfather of my
husband's (Ignacs Weisshaus and the father of Stanley and Ernest
(Matthias, later changed to Martin), I can am assuming that Ernest Kardos
was the gramdson of a sister of these two grandfathers, but I would like
to establish that fact.

I know that Ignacz was born in Nyirgyulaj Szabolcs County and Matthias was
born in or near Nyiryeghaza.

Any information would be helpful.


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