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Robert Hanscom <rodihan@...>

Thanks to a recent posting by Itzik Katz referencing the Klarsfeld
website ( I have been able to successfully
track down two nieces of my great-grandfather, Simon TAUBER (1844-1930).
One of them was Ella (DEUTSCH), b. c.1896, wife of Jozsef STAMFER, b.
1893. The Klarsfeld database lists both Ella and Jozsef Stamfer as
"survivors" and provides an address of 48 Posa Lajos, presumably in
Budapest. Ella was the daughter of Simon Tauber's youngest sister,
Helena [Ilona] / "Leni" (TAUBER), b. Trencin, 1860, wife of Leopold
DEUTSCH of Budapest.

The other relative I discovered was Edith MOHRER, b. in Budapest in the
1920s, daughter of Aranka (ZERKOVITZ) MOHRER, b. Budapest, 1891. Aranka
was the daughter of Simon's other sister, Katharina (TAUBER), b. Trencin,
1854, d. Budapest, 1926, wife of Philip ZERKOVITZ. Edith Mohrer is also
listed as a survivor, and was residing at 10 Dohany, Budapest, with her
two unmarried aunts, Frida Zerkovitz (b. 1885) and Josefa Zerkovitz
(1894-1959), following the war.

Is anyone familiar with the STAMFER, MOHRER, and ZERKOVITZ families of
Budapest? I would like to continue my efforts to locate descendants of
these people. Please reply privately.

Robert Hanscom
Andover, Massachusetts USA

Researching (all >from Trencin Co.): Tauber, Zerkowitz, Knopfelmacher,
Kohn, Frankl-Kohn, Teschner, Lazar, Wilhelm, Popper, Zwillinger

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