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Gábor Hirsch <hirsch@...>

Did the rabbis advise those parents, beforehand?
I don't think that the rabbi had to much influence in the naming, it
might be different by the orthodox community, but the majority of the
Hungarian Jews were quite assimilated and followed other naming conventions.
What Robert Neu says "children having the same secular name as their
parents" it was quite usual by the not Jewish population, ifjabb (Jr.),
idösb (Sr.) etc. but Jews preferred to take the name of perished family
members. I am not saying that this is or was a general rule, but to my
knowledge it was often practisized.

Best regards
Gabor Hirsch

Robert Neu schrieb:

To my experience >from looking at countless Hungarian pre 1895 B,M,D
FHL Films as well as about 50,000 records for the 1848 census, children
having the same secular name as their parents is very common.

Go on the AHD search the records for any town and look at the result.

Robert Neu
--- wrote:

Dear Members,

Sometimes, parents chose names for their babies that were another
form of their own names or so similar, that I wonder if they did this
from lack of naming knowledge. Did the rabbis advise those parents,
beforehand? I am referring to my g gm who's name was Roza and her
daughter was named Racza and called Rotzi.

Is there any connection between the female names Seva and Sheindel?

Thanks for your help,
Linda Cohen
Michigan USA

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