BACHRACH and SCHNURMACHER from Vienna #austria-czech

Paul Posthumus <paul_posthumus@...>

Dear group,

I'm new to this group and i hope you can help me.

The ggf of my wife is Zsigmond SANDOR, born in Vienna 1872, son of Maria

Unknown Schnurmacher changed the familyname to Sandor, so Zsigmond Sandor
was probably born as Sigmund Schnurmacher.

Zsigmond married Hermine EPPINGER, probably in Budapest. In Budapest they
had a son Istvan in 1903. They moved to Zalaegerszeg and had 3 more
children: Ervin (19??), Julianna (Jutzi) (1910) and Karolina (Lenka) (1911).
Zsigmond, Hermine, Istvan and Julianna died in the Shoah.

I would like to know if somebody knows anything about the BACHRACH and
SCHNURMACHER/SANDOR families. Siblings of Zsigmond? Dates of birth and dead
of Maria and Unknown? The names of their parents? The name of Unknown? Etc.

Paul Posthumus and Judith Federer

Researching: FEDERER (Janoshaza), GESTETNER (Csorna), EISENSTADT
(Burgenland), SANDOR/SCHNURMACHER (Budapest/Vienna/Zalaegerszeg), BACHRACH
(Vienna), EPPINGER (Budapest), KALMAN (Budapest)

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