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FENYES (with an acute accent on the first 'e') means 'shiny' in Hungarian. It was a common Hungarized Jewish family name, probably rooted in the German words SCHEIN or GLANZ (umlaut on the 'a').

The initial 'fe' is pronounced as in the French word 'caffe'. The 'ny' is pronounced as the 'ny' in 'canyon'. The second 'e' is pronounced as the 'a' in 'Larry'. The ending 's' is pronounced as the 'sh' in 'shame'.

If you use a Soundex converter <>, you will discover that phonetically FENIAS and FENYES are equal (Daitch-Mokotoff code 764000, NARA code F520).

I hope this helps

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Subject: Hungarian Pronunciation of Fenyes
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Would Fenias be a way
to pronounce Fenyes?

Samuel Kraus
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