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Dorothy Kohanski <dkohanski@...>

Hi, I just joined this SIG. My cousin, Dr. Irwin Rose, handed me a travel
diary >from an uncle we share (Arthur GREENWALD) who had traveled in 1931 to
Europe, and in the course of his travels stopped to look at some property
passed along by a will to the family. Until now I had only known there was
such property in Budapest and that the lawyer had written about it until
suddenly all correspondence stopped in the Nazi period. Nothing since.
But this diary gives name of lawyer and the location and description,
apparently land with a small shanty on it at the time, about 1600 square
meters in/near the junction of Boszormenyi utca and Nemetyolgyi, which form
a triangle in the center of which is (was) this property. (There are some
diacritical marks over some of the letters, but I don't know how to make
them.) The name of the lawyer
was Dr. Szele'nyi, Aladar, V Na'dor utca 36, Budapest. (OK, so I tried a
couple of marks!)
Question: Is it too late now to try to recover the value of the property
from Hungary? Is it worth pursuing?
Dorothy Dellar Kohanski

Researching: STERNBERG, BLUM, GREENWALD, KOHN, Budapest and O'Budai
(Jewelers, artists, musicians) Survivors probably came to USA.

Moderator: This message is approved for posting because it mentions names that may be of interest to H-SIG researchers. Discussions re. property claims are not on topic. Please respond off-list if you have information.

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