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Warren Blatt <wblatt@...>

JewishGen is pleased to announce the addition of 100,000
new records to the JewishGen Holocaust Database
< >.

There are ten new datasets, and two updated datasets.
The ten new datasets are:

* "Sharit HaPlatah":
Names of 61,387 Jews who survived the Holocaust, published in 1946
by the "Central Committee of Jews in Bavaria" in Munich.

* Displaced Persons >from Bergen-Belsen to Sweden:
Data on 1,600 DPs >from various countries in Bergen-Belsen and
moved to Sweden, 24 July 1945. >from U.N. documents.

* Tirgu Mures Deportation List, 1944:
Over 4,000 Jews deported >from Tirgu Mures (Maros-Vasarhely) in 1944.

* Tirgu Mures Ghetto List, 1945:
Over 2,000 residents of the Tirgu Mures ghetto, as of Jan 8 1945.

* Transnistria: Jews Receiving and Sending Support:
Lists of Jews >from the Regat (pre-WWI Romania) who sent money
to Jews in the ghettos of Transnistria.

* Jews murdered near Sabac, Serbia:
Data on over 1,000 members of the Hechalutz Zionist youth
group murdered in Zasavica near Sabac (Serbia).

* Jewish Women who lived in Dortmund, Germany:
Data on 877 Jewish women who lived in Dortmund, Germany
between 1930 and 1943.

* Polish Children Survivors:
Data on Polish children >from Lucjan Dobroszycki's
"Survivors of the Holocaust in Poland".

* The Tehran Children:
Data on over 2,000 Polish refugee children in
Persia, >from "Dzieci Syjonu, The Children of Zion".

* Hungarian Jewish KMSZ (Military Forced Laborer) List:
List of 4,497 Jews who died while serving in the Munkaszolgalat
(Civilian Labor Service) during World War II.

We've also updated the following two datasets:

* Dachau Indexing Project:
Over 11,000 records added, for a total of over 128,000 records.

* North Bavarian Jews:
Now over 6,000 records total.

Thanks to all the volunteers who have made these possible,
especially project coordinators Nolan Altman and Mike Kalt.

The JewishGen Holocaust Database is a collection of 74 datasets,
containing over 900,000 entries about Holocaust victims and survivors.
It can be searched at < >.


Warren Blatt
JewishGen Editor-in-Chief

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