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Carol J. Robinson <caroljr@...>

Hi Everyone,

It's been another good week for the project. We now have 782 towns
completed, and you can find the list of completed towns at

Thanks to everyone who contributed towns this week. Special recognition
is due Ilan Kozma of Israel, who submitted 152 towns >from Somogy. Kol
Hakavod, Ilan, and Todah Rabah.

A few comments:

1. Two of the three major contributors used Yizkor books to provide the
town names. I never thought of this approach, but if any of you have
Yizkor books and would do the required cross referencing, your efforts
would be greatly appreciated.

2. There are a number of megyes that have no or almost no towns
contributed. So just in case any of you have connections to these
megyes, it would be great if you would take the time to contribute.

No towns: Csongrad, Szeben
Almost no towns: Also-Feher, Arad, Bacs-Bodrog, Bars, Brasso, Csanad,
Csik, Fogaras, Haromszek, Hunyad, Krasso-Szoreny, Lipto, Nagy-Kukullo,
Temes, Torda-Aranyos, Turoc and Udvahely.

I've also learned that it would be helpful if you would add a comment if
you know your town merged with another town. It makes it easier for me
to proofread when I have that information.

This is the last week of the first phase of the project. After this
week, the initial list of completed towns (including all of the
Maramaros towns not yet on the list) will be closed and the synogogues
will be added. That doesn't mean that I won't take any additional
submissions after next Sunday, but it would be helpful to have as many
names submitted by next Sunday as possible.

Thanks again to everyone who took the time to contribute.

Carol Robinson
H-SIG Research Coordinator
Alameda, CA USA

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