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Thank you Rabbi Avraham Mamorstein.

Indeed I am referring to this Rabbi. In the book I have it says in
Hungarian: "Edesanja Katz Nina, a hires morvaorszagi talmudkutato es
nikolsburgi forabbi, Bendikt Marcus (1753-1828)".

I know it is hard to read this without the accent marks on the letters
but this sentence indeed mentions the fact that Benedikt Marcus was an
important Rabbi in Moravia and Nikolsburg.

If I understand the sentence correctly (my Hungarian is very poor, I
only heard it spoken at home and all I know is what I picked >from my
late parents) Katz Nina was a descendant of Rabbi Benedikt Marcus. Is
this the proper way to read the above sentence?

We have reasons to believe that Katz Nina is related to my Katz family
and if this is true I am on the verge of a huge breakthrough in my

Thank you very much,
Isaac Katz

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<< Has any of you come across the name Benedikt Marcus (1753--1828) who

a Talmud researcher and an important Rabbi in Moravia?


I think you are referring to the famous Rabbi Mordechai Banet, who was
called Markus benedikt, and was Chief Rabbi of Moravia living in=20
Rabbi Avrohom Marmorstein

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