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Dorothy Kohanski <dkohanski@...>

I don't think we can make "pattern" assumptions for assimilated Jews,
especially in the United States. My mother's branch is >from Budapest and
Vienna. I bear her first name, Adele, as my middle name. My brother,
totally unfamiliar with Jewish custom, named his son Robert after himself.
There are also a number of Jacks on my father's side in the USA, generation
after generation. My own children's names are original in the family, not
named after anyone in particular. However, MY son with five children has
returned to the naming of his children after deceased relatives, and just to
confuse the issue further, his two youngest children, by his second wife,
both bear their mother's maiden name as a middle name ! And their
daughter's first name is original in the family, but his son is named after
my late husband. So go figure! I think we can assume naming patterns
probably held in the "old country" but not necessarily in the US, and not in
Israel where the Yiddish names seem to be "out" and new Hebrew names are
"in" (both first and last).
Since I was not given a Hebrew name at birth, I adopted one for myself -
Dorothy Adele Dellar Kohanski (aka "Kinnereth")
Laguna Woods, CA

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