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Dear all,

My experience has been very similar to that mentioned by Margarita. Even in=
Neolog (reform) cemeteries, the older tombstones, dating back to the=
18th/early 19th centuries, usually carry Hebrew engravings only.

Some tips which might be helpful, mainly for those not fluent in Hebrew:

1. If you know the Hebrew names of the people whose graves you plan to=
visit, carry their list written in Hebrew.

2. If you know the date of decease, carry both the common and Hebrew dates,=
the later written in Hebrew characters.

3. Carry a Hebrew transliteration of family names.

4. Learn the basics of Hebrew - reading the letters and understanding dates.=
A handy page for that purpose: <
es.html>. Carry a printed version with you.

The purpose of all the above is to "compare" what one sees on the tombstones=
and what one is looking for. This can be a time consuming process but it=
could result in hits.

5. In smaller cemeteries (say up to 100 graves) it is worthwhile to take=
digital photos of all graves. That allows examining them later with more=
time to find matches and identifications. Besides, a person with command of=
Hebrew could later examine those pictures.

6. Try to find the pinkas (register of deaths). Even in very small villages=
and abandoned cemeteries, sometimes the local central Jewish congregation/u=
nion/federation may have them or knows who stores them.

Good luck

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In Abaujszanto, my relatives (BLAU, LOW) were very religious and their
tombstones are all in Hebrew. I don't remember about the rest of the

In Gyongyos, although I didn't find my relatives (FISCHER, HEBER,
HANOFER/HANNOVER) some stones are in Hebrew but the names are in Latin
characters. Most of the stones were in Hungarian.
Margarita Lack=DB
Tom Venetianer <mailto:tom.vene@...>
Sao Paulo - Brazil

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