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This is a common custom in various Sefardic countries. For
instance, I have Chalabi (i.e., Syrian Jewish) neighbors whose
custom is that the oldest male and female children are named
afterthe husband's (living) parents, and the second oldest male and
femalechildren are named after the wife's (living) parents.
i think you misread the question. it was about naming children for
their living parents, not their grandparents. this is quite a
common christian practice to name a child after his father ('john
smith, jr.") but almost never seen in jewish families (except a few
that i noticed in old jewish families in the american south - i even
saw a "3rd" in a jewish family!).
You are right, I misread the question. Sorry about that. My
Chalabi (Syrian) neighbors name after living grandparents, not living

I do know of one relative (originally >from Hungarian Marmaros)
whose Cleveland grave marker and death certificate both indicate
that he had the same name as his own father (Jacob Leba son of
Jacob Leba in the death certificate, and Yaakov Aryeh ben Yaakov
Aryeh on the grave marker). Without any other sources available, I
am assuming that his father died before he was born.

sephardic families name children for the (god-willing, still living)
grandparents, but never after the child's living parents.

....... tom klein, toronto

ps. i thought the custom was to name the first girl after the
maternal, not paternal, grandmother.
For these Chalabi (Syrian) neighbors of mine, the custom is indeed
that the first girl is named after the *paternal* grandmother. NWe
We also have Turkish Jewish relatives whose custom was to name
both the first boy and girl after the *paternal* grandparents.

Moshe Davis

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