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Omri Arnon <omri@...>

Dear Group,

In my father's photo album there is a postcard with a picture of a
beautiful young woman, which she sent to my father when he was a POW in
Germany. For years I wondered who she was until today, when for the
first time I looked at names of various relatives in the Yad Vashem
site. In the site I found a Page of Testimony submitted on 02/09/1999 by
the fiance of my father's cousin's daughter. On the testimony page he
added her picture which is the same picture I have in my father's album!

The name and address of her fiance is: Robert Ferenc - Budapest 1023
Frankel Leo 53.IV.2
I tried searching for his phone number in the Matav site but could not
find him. Can anyone help me find out if he's alive and what his current
address/phone number is?

Thank you,

Omri Arnon

Moderator: Please contact Omri off-list if you can help.

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