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Gábor Hirsch <hirsch@...>

The text onpart of the viewmate 5858 and 5859 are written in German, the
letters are Ghotic, a script I learned some 60 years ago in gymnasiumm
but novadays it is seldomly find even in the German speaking part of
Switzerland except in older publication and in printed form.

Best regards
Gabor Hirsch

Robert Neu schrieb:

It would be helpful for the translator to show the
date and place these letters were written from.

Also some of the text on the last two viewmates are
either German or Yiddish in Roman script.

Robert Neu

--- Fern Ward <> wrote:

I am attempting to get one final letter translated
from Hungarian to

The letter can be viewed at

Viewmate files 5857, 5858 and 5859.

Please respond directly to me at

Your help is appreciated!

Thank you
Fern Ward
Laveen AZ

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