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Dear All,

I have a photo of the memorial stone for the holocaust victims from
Dregelypalank (thanks to Bacskai Sandor). Before the war the village
belonged to Hont Megye and now it is part of Nograd Megye.
It contains a list of names: Adler, Berger, Engelmann, Frisch, Fischer,
Goldschmied, Gero, Hochfelder, Kolmann, Krausz, Lengyel, Moskovics, Oblat,
Patriasz, Schonberg, Vig, Weiner, Wollner and Hermann.
If you are interested please contact me privately.

Esther Levinson
Beer Sheva

Researching: Baum, Hochfelder, Mandel, Neumann and Weiler

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