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Ida & Joseph Schwarcz

Dear Andras,
In many cases Mozes was Mor and/or Moritz, Sara was Saly, Jakab was Ignacz
in everyday life. The Hebrew name was used only in the synagogue. The
initial letters are the same, but even that is not necessary, My father
Moshe (born 1894) was Jeno", his brother David was Erno", another brother
Menachem was Gyula. My grandfather Yehuda was Ignacz (the same emroidered
monogram for both names, also for Ignacz and Jakab). I have two names in
Hebrew: Yosef and Meir but in Hungarian only Jozsef. The same case might be
in your Mayer.
Shabbat Shalom ve-Chag Sameach
Yosef Meir

Dr. Joseph M. Schwarcz
Dr. Ida Selavan Schwarcz

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Subject: [h-sig] Keen to hear your opinion on it - was it the same person?

Dear HSiggers,

I have just discovered a brother to my gg-grandfather
in Zemplen county in the second half of the 19th
century. The problem is that it may be two brothers -
or is it the same person? I would be glad to hear your
opinion on it.

The family was called Hechtmann, which is a very rare
name. There was only one single Hechtmann family
living in Hungary in appr. 1850 and they were living
in Vasarhely, Zemplen. (This way I very rarely find
anything about this branch of my family, but when I
do, it is surely related to my family.) Jakab
Hechtmann had two sons I had known about. But there
was a third one, too:

According to the Vasarhely birth-, marriage- and death
records Moses Hechtmann and Sara Scheindl had a son
named Ignac Mayer in 1868, had another named Samuel in
1872. Then Moses Hechtmann died in 1873 aged 28.

According to the Vasarhely census dated 1870, there
was a Moritz Hechtmann living there (born in 1839).
His wife was Sali Kornhauser and they had a son called
Jakab, who was born in 1868.

I just cannot decide whether Mor and Moses were the
same person.

The reasons why I think they were: 1) people having
the Jewish name Moses were usually called in Moritz in
official papers 2) there was only one Hechtmann
family, there is no evidence whatsoever that TWO
families called Hechtmann were living in Vasarhely
paralelly 3) my gg-grandfather had a son called Mayer
Jakab, too, 4) Mayer and Jakab were both born in 1868.

The reasons why I think they were not: 1) their
birthyears differ 2) their wives had different names
3) Mayer and Jakab are two different names, too.

Could it be that Sara Scheindl was the Jewish name of
Sali Kornhauser, Ignac Mayer was the Jewish name of
Jakab and that the birthyears differ as they so often
do in those old papers?

I would be interested to hear you comments on my
gg-grandfather and his difficult family.

Thank you and kind regards,
Andras Koltai

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