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Dear fellow SIG'ers,

I have sent the message below to the Orszagos Leveltar (so far no answer)
but I am sending it to you in the hopes that someone has some experience of
the shuffling around of archival materials as Baja changed borders both
within and without Hungary over a period of 85 years. For a while it was
its own County seat, and for a while the county seat was in Szeged. Now it
seems to be in Kecskemet.

The letter is as follows:
"Two weeks ago, while visiting Baja, I was able to examine a bound set of
photocopies of a cumulative index of the Jewish Registers of Baja. These
were handwritten and throughly integrated by family name.
There is no question in my mind that whoever compiled the index had access
to the full set of registers.
There are references to a volume 1 of the register, covering the period
between 1846 and 1854. There are also references to a "Conscriptio"
document, which I assume is the Concriptio Judeum, ordered following the
1848 Liberation War.
Obviously, neither Volume One, nor the Concriptio document are found at the
Orszagos Leveltar on Becsi ut. in Budapest. At least not on the
microfilmed, publicly available, records which commence in 1854.
No person at the Museum in Baja had any idea as to the provenance of the
book on hand. They referred to Mr. Bloch, the sole surviving member of the
Jewish congregation. He know nothing of the provenance of this book either,
and kept trying to tell me to go to Sip ut, which of course has no records
outside those of the Budapest community.
Is it possible that these missing registers exist in either Szeged or
Kecskemet? Perhaps they exist in
another part of the Orszagos Leveltar and haven't been microfilmed?
I would appreciate your ideas on this matter."

I would appreciate hearing >from my fellow SIG'ers on this as well. Thanks
Peter G. Bakos
Paris, France

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