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Amos Israel Zezmer <zezmer@...>

The site is not clear as to what documentation we need to provide.

I found my grandfather's property. All his children have already died.

We are now six grandchildren living in Israel and Brazil.

What is the Slovak government expecting in terms of documentation?
Especially three months >from the deadline.

Are we expected to submit the documentation in Slovak, a language that
no speaks or understands?

Amos Zezmer
Rio de Janeiro

Tom Venetianer wrote:

The Slovak Government is looking for land owners and heirs who had land in the Slovak State during WW2 and the communist era, and whose titles of ownership are still not entered in the current Cadastre (register of landowners).

"This Act is supposed to bring order to the field of proprietary titles to real estate in the Slovak Cadastre. In general, after WW2, when communists came to power, the act of the entry of proprietary titles to real estate lost its sense. There was no juridical ground for private ownership and a lot of people were illegally expropriated by State. The above-mentioned ROEP(*) programme enables in the real estate Cadastre to enter the real estate, which has not been registered yet and, moreover, also the entries of title deeds (property assessment, inheritance, etc.) as well as the entries of titles recorded only in former land registers."

On the bottom of page
there is a search engine which allows searching for names and surnames.

The deadline to enter with a restitution/registration claims expires on September 1, 2005.

To submit a claim, follow the instructions on the page above and send the documentation to one of the real estate registration offices. You will find their addresses and phone numbers on page:
Click on the "Katastralne urady" link, then on the region to which the plot belongs (Banska Bytrica, Bratislava, Kosice, etc.).

In case of doubts, you can use this hotline: +421 (02) 5937 4259

Please send this message to your friends and acquaintances who might be interested in this program.

(*) ROEP is the shorthand for "Registre Obnovenej Evidencie Pozemkov" (Land Title Consolidation Programme)

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